Larry was born in April, 1937 in Milwaukee. His parents, both University of Wisconsin graduates who were married in the early-1930s, were public school teachers.  In 1938, the family moved to Cleveland when Larry’s father, Paul, was hired by Jerry Segal and Joe Schuster, to be the first artist retained to draw the comic strip Superman.



The family returned to Milwaukee 18-months later, and in 1945 moved to Glen Ellyn, IL, a suburb 35 miles west of Chicago where Larry and his brother, Dick, were raised. In grade school,  Growing up, Larry carried newspaper routes and mowed lawns.  He attended Glenbard Township High School (now Glenbard West), graduating in 1955.  While at Glenbard, Larry ran cross country (without distinction) and played three years on the basketball team (also without distinction).  He did win the Illinois’ “Voice Of Democracy” speech contest in 1955, and a trip to Williamsburg, VA to deliver his talk; and, he was a class commencement speaker.



Larry attended Miami University, in Oxford, OH, where he earned a BS degree in business, graduating in 1959.  While at Miami, he was active in Beta Theta Pi, served as Assistant Sports Editor on the university newspaper, and in his senior year served the university as its Acting Sports Information Director.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude, having earned both Delta Sigma Pi and Phi Beta Kappa induction.

In 1963, after returning from service as a Marine Corps officer, Larry attended Northwestern University’s MBA program at the (then) Chicago lake-front campus. Larry graduated in 1964, with Distinction and a 4.0 average.



Larry served from June 1959 to April 1963 as a Platoon Commander, then as Battalion Logistics Officer (S4) and Regimental Assistant Operations Office (S3A), with the 1st Marine Brigade in the Pacific region. The Brigade was a first-response unit, involved in the ramp-up for the (ultimately) aborted action in Laos, and then the Cuban missile crisis.



Larry was married in 1959, and shares two daughters with his first wife: Dawn, now living in Anderson, IN where she helps her significant other run his bottling plant installation/calibration business; and ReNae, who lives in Scotts Valley, CA with her husband, Dan (ReNae is the EA to the CEO of Seagate and Dan runs the family business).  Also in Scotts Valley is grandson, Brandon and his wife Meghan, their son Isaac and daughter Lily, both Larry’s great-grandkids.  Larry remarried in 1979, and shares a son, Jason, with his second wife, who passed away in 2019. Larry has been single since 1998. Larry’s younger brother, Dick, retired from a career as a labor lawyer in sunny Dallas, and passed away in early-2017.



After leaving the Marine Corps and then Northwestern University in 1964, Larry worked in brand management at General Mills and Quaker Oats (where he developed Quaker 100% Natural Cereal), assumed general management roles at Wilson Sporting Goods and Daiwa Golf (where he led a start-up), and served as CEO of a Los Angeles area consumer optics company.  Larry became a TEC member in 1983, chaired his first TEC meeting in January 1987, and has served for 33-plus years as a Group Chair with TEC/Vistage, leading seven different peer groups. He currently works monthly with over 40 Southern California executives in two chief executive groups and one group of key executives. He has facilitated well over 1500 executive peer advisory group meetings, and has participated with chief executives in over 14,000 coaching discussions regarding all aspects of their businesses (also including independent coaching assignments and advisory board positions).